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Australian Boating (AB) Current Issue (6 p.a).

AB December (#276) is our compacted Xmas issue with something for everyone to enjoy through peak holiday Xmas break and early January. It is also the last of AB's monthly issues, as AB will be bi-monthly from AB January #277 onwards.
Highlights from this issue include a worrying feature from the team at "The Conversation” on the actual state of play in the East Coast’s major water impoundments – these are the real facts, too, and not just ‘polly’ speak.
Ruth Cunningham is back with her take on gas sensors, a subject that is rarely discussed, but is one of the most vital aspects to consider, especially when you operate one of the larger cabin cruisers or cruising yachts. Everyone has heard of carbon monoxide poisoning – it's a real issue, but Ruth has some very practical solutions in this month's "Boatshed”.
Another report you will enjoy reading, is all about the British Fairline cruisers. They are undergoing a restructuring of the Fairline model range – releasing some magnificent new craft they will be featuring in their determined push into the world of the Euro boating industry at the giant Düsseldorf Boat Show in January 2020.
Techno yachting fans will appreciate our special coverage of the first "Brest Atlantique” race between the four giant, two-handed Ultim tris which made a 10,000 mile run around the Atlantic Ocean (just concluded) at speeds that are scarcely believable – a great report with terrific photographs.
What also makes AB December special, starts midway with the revised AB-TV section. This month the TV sections are tightened up to avoid the duplication of past issues, and relying on the superb TV footage in the World Sailing Show (WSS). This month’s episode (#11) of the WSS not only has a superb coverage of the big Ultim tris running in the Brest Atlantic mentioned above, but also has a very good wrap-up of the new Olympic-class of (um!), “wind-surfers” on foils. You’ve gotta see these things fly . . .
Cap Camarat is not a name too many Aussies are familiar with, but it is part of the giant Jeanneau group of brands - and it’s going to be a lot better known when this 12.5m outboard powered Walkaround sportsfisherman is reeased here.
And right on presstime, Harry Fisher’s Down Under Sail coverage of the amazing Moth World Championships came in from Perth, WA with a raft of inspirational photographs from Martina Orsini, the exceptional Italian photographer out here especially for the Moth Worlds.
Finally, Mary and I would like to wish you all very Merry and Safe Festive Season, thank you for your ongoing support through 2019, and say how much we are looking forward to working with you in 2020.

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