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AB's Fisherman & Boatowner (F&B) 12x over 2 Yrs

Considered by many thousands of readers to be the most credible source of boating information in the Australian boating world, Australian Boating (AB) is widely acknowledged as having the most experienced team of contributors producing the most consistently high editorial standards, or as one reader put it, Australian Boating is a magazine you can actually read, believe and enjoy with lots of hands-on, practical information.
It is typically 96-124 pages, and designed to be read easily on screen on your iPad, home computer, smart phone, laptop, or tablet. It has normal magazine layout and now has boating and fishing videos you can enjoy like TV at home.
As AB is produced as a PDF edition, it can be saved to an iPad, smart phone, or home computer (etc) and read anytime, anywhere (on a plane or train, too) without needing the internet or wi-fi connection - except for the videos; they need access to the internet.
The subscription includes a unique Membership Number emailed to you immed

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Distribution: A PDF magazine initially accessed via the internet -starting with an advisory email when the magazine is released
Price: Australian Subscription AUD$89.00, Overseas Subscription AUD$89.00
Shipping: Delivery is included in the subscription price.
Availability: 12 bi-monthly issues over 2 years - PDF magazine subscription starts immediately.
Description: 12 bi-monthly magazines (each around 84-112 pages) which can be easily read on your computer, laptop, tablet or smart '
Current Issue: This 12 issue subscription starts (or for renewals, continues) with the current issue.

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