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AB's Fisherman & BOATOWNER (F&B)

F&B October is a really interesting, mixed bag of info across a wide range of subjects. These include some very interesting boats – notably, the very impressive Lifestyle 740 Tri hull (which does a very good job offering the best features of both a multi-hull and a mono hull) in a beautifully built package made right here in Queensland – and the very snazzy, American built Wellcraft 202 Centre Console Fisherman. Truly, this is a genuinely inspirational fishing boat, superbly appointed with the complete suite – and I mean everything – that fishermen need for really sophisticated sportfishing. Better still, everything is exactly where it should be, as the boat has (obviously) been designed by some seriously experienced fishermen who were on hand to place the rod holders, live bait tank, fish lockers, etc. where they should go.
Staying in the fishing world, Steve Jones from Townsville has produced a report that anyone planning to fish the Great Barrier Reef now or in the future, should consider mandatory reading – especially if you are after those beautiful big red reefies like the magnificent red emperor or the succulent coral trout. As if that's not bad enough to tug on the heart strings, we have published Andrew Hestelow’s timeless report on the secrets of jigging in pretty deep water, focusing on one of the toughest fighting fish in the sea, the yellowtail kingfish. This is good stuff and "must read" editorial for guys heading offshore for their first trips.
The boatbuilding department certainly hasn't been forgotten, with a terrific editorial all the way from Bunbury, WA where Les Davidson cut off the back of his beautiful 8.0m aluminium cat, so he could extend the fishing cockpit another metre.
Other features include a comprehensive report on the classic Haines Signature 493/495 family cuddy cabin, which Editor Peter Webster still believes is one of the all-time great Australian fibreglass family boats that still has no peer in this class.
Another interesting feature describes the many and varied adventures reader Tim Paul has experienced buying and selling second hand family boats, and dealing with the conflicting interests of different members of the family (from waterskiing to fishing) and the vagaries of the second hand boat world. Interesting report with a beaut outcome.
Throw in our regular columns, plus a very special 4WDs, Trailers and Towing section starring the all-new and controversial Land Rover ‘Defender’ and you've got one of the best F&Bs we’ve produced in ages. Excellent value at the now-finalised subscription rate of $5.75 per issue, or $69 for 12 issues p.a. Enjoy!

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