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AB's Fisherman & BOATOWNER (F&B)

This fourth issue of the returning F&B, has been compressed between the hyper industry activity at the Sydney International Boat Show, and the just concluded Brisbane Boat Show. Radically different boat shows, Brisbane has particular significance for F&B readers as it is virtually entirely trailer boats with none of the mega cruisers and sailing craft found in Sydney. Because of this, it tends to reflect more closely what the vast majority of Australian boating families are interested in. Despite what the brokers would have you believe, there are not too many families who can put out $1-2 million for a luxury cruiser!
Brisbane has always been a family friendly show, and whilst it's no longer held on the grounds of the famous Ekka Showgrounds between the cattle yards and the fairy floss, what we've lost in atmosphere, the Brisbane Convention Centre where the show is now staged, makes up in consumer convenience and parking efficiency.
This year reflected the downsizing of the local trailerboat manufacturing sector, and the quite substantial increase in the number of imported GRP trailerboats from many different parts of the world. It was kind of sad to realise there was as many boats on display from Poland and America as there were made in Australia for probably the first time. The aluminium brigade was not immune to this situation either, with Kiwi aluminium boat builders front and centre throughout the show.
All that said, there was still a vast array of craft to consider, contemplate and dream about – with side servings from guest expert speakers, an array of government instrumentalities who were there to help – all of which combined to make it a good morning or afternoon foray for the thousands of families who attended this year.
F&B September has an extensive pictorial coverage of the Brisbane Boat Show, and of great interest to fishermen, a terrific coverage of all the fishing tackle and equipment that was voted "Best in Class" at the recent AFTA Tackle Show staged on the Gold Coast last month, too. This spectacular feature certainly contains many wallet-draining products that fishermen will want to follow-up and purchase at their local tackle store!
In the fishing section, we've got a superb article on fishing right off the edge of the Continental Shelf in seriously deep 100+ fathom water by Andrew Hestelow, and in boats and boat buying, editor Peter Webster has a major report examining all the ins and outs of buying your next boat on the secondhand market. As he points out, this process needs careful research, but it can save thousands and thousands of dollars.
We also have a very interesting Trailers & Towing section which includes details of Jaguar/Land Rover’s commitment to electrification by the early 2020s – don't frown, we'll all be driving electric cars much sooner that everybody thought.
F&B September is a beaut issue with a wide coverage on

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