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AB's Fisherman & Boatowner (F&B) 6 issues p.a.

Firstly, we’d like to wish all our readers and subscribers a very safe, happy and fruitful festive season, with good weather, tight lines – and time to relax as much as possible. We have produced two (F&B and AB) catch-up magazines in December, as we deal with all the changes brought on by the bushfires to the boating world. From January 2020, both AB and F&B will be produced bi-monthly, on alternating months thru 2020, with six issues each through the year. This change does not effect how many magazines are left on your subscription - just how often they are produced.

The December issue of F&B is interesting because it is a mix of old and new, with a great deal of fishing, and information about new boats that we have not seen here before. We’re always a bit circumspect about imported boats at the best of times, and tend to put them aside unless they offer new technology, hull design advances and very high boatbuilding standards that we can learn from – and that's just about the perfect description of the Cutwater 24 Centre Walkaround, an exciting new American fishing boat, and one of the most advanced “stepped hulls” in production today.

It's the complete opposite of the Quintrex 430 Fishabout Pro which is the latest iteration of the all-time classic 4.3m Quinnie which was developed way back at the end of WWII in the late 19040s. Hard to believe now, isn't it? But yes, the ubiquitous 4.3m Quinnie put thousands of Aussie fishermen and their families on the water for the first time. Generations of families cut their fishing teeth (so to speak) in this durable, family friendly tinny. Now it has been upgraded, but the Quinnie team has done a great job keeping in mind the 4.3’s history, purpose and application all these years later. We reckon it is one of the best family fishing boats we have seen in many years.

But there's heaps more in December F&B, including a great piece by Aaron Concord on the feisty spotted mackerel, PW revisits the outstanding Haines Signature 632F (still one of the top five sport fishing trailer boats designed and built in Australia - and gold on the second hand market. Another great boat is a fully surveyed Vindicator 6.8 plate aluminium hardtop from the Watson family in Gympie (yes - they make more than good country music up there!) which they've built for the James Cook University research people, but will also make a phenomenal plate fisherman, too.

It's a great issue – with excellent video reporting on the amazing 0XE 300 hp diesel outboard, plus a heap of other regular features which will ensure this is one of our best issues and a great Christmas read!

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