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Welcome to Australian Boating. . .
  Our national, monthly PDF magazine dedicated to all kinds of recreational boats - fibreglass power and sailing boats, imported boats, plate aluminium fishing boats, pressed tinnies, composite fibreglass boats, DIY boats - if it floats, and gets you out there, we're interested!
Australian Boating
is an independent, national magazine with a great deal of experience, a passion for all kinds of boating, fishing and cruising - and we are dedicated to helping you have a great time on the water with your family and friends.

Hey there - I know we keep talking about AB’s unique editorial "diversity" but this issue surely makes a very proud statement about the diversity it contains. This is totally consistent with our mission statement to develop one all-embracing national boating magazine covering the many disparate sections of the Australian recreational boating industry.

November issue is a beaut example. We have an awesome coverage of the French 3,500nm Route Du Rhum transatlantic race to the Caribbean, with six classes of the world's best ocean racing craft – including the awesome 30m ‘Ultime’ class of foiling trimarans capable of an astonishing 45 knots, and regularly putting away 650 nautical miles every day! Unthinkable just a few years ago…

We also have Sean Henshelwood and Russell Puckeridge’s fabulous coverage of the World UIM Superboat jet sprint racing Championships held over two weekends in Keith, SA and Cabarita, NSW. And the good news continues – Australia won the Championship – but we won't tell you who or how, as we don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of Sean and Russell's terrific coverage.

Then we have our very, very disconcerting report on the slow and painful death of the township of Cardwell in far North Queensland, as the Port Hinchinbrook Marina fills up with mud - and the tourism industry, fishing, diving and exploring Hinchinbrook Island, withers away to nothing. One of the most disgraceful situations we have encountered, and the worst environmental disaster the Australian boating industry has ever had to face.

A very disturbing report that is not good reading, but if it leaves you fighting mad and very angry about the prospects of your kids (and their kids) being able to fish and explore one of the few places left on the planet that is still as it was when it was created, the effort and passion that went into this report will be justified.

AB November is 142 pages, and has all your regular features including the wonderful World Sailing Show TV segment, which, as they say is worth the price of the admission alone! WSS has a terrific, animated section this month on how foils work in these sailing craft – fascinating stuff in a long overdue, plain English explanation of the mechanics and principles involved. Plus heaps of World sailing news, including the very latest intel on the Americas Cup, and the new Sail GP50s.

AB November, definitely one of the best issues we have ever produced, and just a foretaste of what’s to come in 2019 – so please make sure your AB Subscription is up to date, ‘coz we can’t do this without YOU. . . and your boating and fishing mates!


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